FREE Printable Gift Wrappers for Olives, Pistachios, and Toblerone

With Father’s Day coming up, I decided that I wanted to give some yummy treats to my husband. He’s an amazing father to our little boy, and he always appreciates a good snack.

So I grabbed some tasty things that I know he likes to eat: pistachios, kalamata olives, and Toblerone Swiss chocolate. But it seemed too simple and boring to hand him the snacks in their original packaging and I didn’t want to just throw them in a gift bag or basket… so I decided to put my design skills to work and make some cute custom wrappers for them.

Free Printable Gift Wrappers- Olives, Pistachios, Toblerone

I chose a color palette that coordinated with the snacks that I chose and worked in some cheesy little sayings that will make him smile and let him know that he is loved and appreciated.

I designed these for Father’s Day, but I decided to keep any mention of the holiday off of the printables so that they can also be used for birthdays, thank you gifts, anniversaries, and other occasions. 


You can download the FREE PRINTABLES below:

Olive You






To assemble the wrappers:

  1. Download and print the .pdf files by clicking the links above.
  2. Cut out wrappers along the solid colored edges (or along the dotted lines for the white areas)
  3. Fold along the solid gray lines where it says “Fold Here.”
  4. Fit the wrapper into place so that it covers the original product packaging and secure with tape (or secure with a single staple at the top of the bag for the pistachios).


Would you like to see more free printables like this from Make Learn Go? Feel free to leave any suggestions and requests in the comments!